If you were part of the 2007 Monlam and/or Pilgrimage, do not hesitate to send us your impressions and pictures, we will be happy to publish them.

Maria’s report

Andy’s report

Corinne’s report


Flickr photo gallery

Do Nga Shedrub Ling

Terry’s blog

Tsering’s Picassa photo gallery


4 Responses to “Monlam and Pilgrimage Reports”

  1. 1 lucia volek January 24, 2007 at 2:04 pm

    Hello to all,

    I put on our web page some pictures from Monlam and Pilgrimage including group photo with HH Karmapa.

    I hope that all of you returned safely back home and try to use in
    everyday life what you learned during the pilgrimage.

    Good luck and best wishes from

    Lucia and Mario from Slovakia

  2. 3 Paul O'Connor February 2, 2007 at 3:54 pm


    Im back in Ireland now and have uploaded a selection of images from the Monlam trip including the group photos. Anyone can view them and order prints at: http://www.photobox.ie/album/4915895

    All the best!

  3. 4 bruno breathnach, ireland February 13, 2007 at 12:58 pm

    i would like to offer my poem WALKING WITH BUDDHA to share the wonderful experience of the monlam and pilgrimmage with everyone-

    the poem has a small section for each place we visited, e.g. beginning with LUMBINI where Siddhartha was born

    love and best wishes



    Buddha is born in the here and now.
    The trees and the blossoms, the forest bears witness.


    The cocoon of the familiar, in time, is renounced
    To wander and search in the vast present moment.


    After so many gurus, exertion and hardship,
    Stretched almost to breaking, you chose a new path.

    Oh what a release just to sit on this cushion,
    The simplest of grasses, beneath a great tree.

    As every day opens to night, into daytime,
    From evening to morning, from dusk into dawn,

    The Mind also opens and drops all delusion.
    The Heart lotus blossoms, all grasping released.

    The morning star dawning, sun’s rays shine impartially,
    Completely awake, free from all complexity.

    So vivid and peaceful, in openness and contentment,
    The true perfect Buddha is found in one’s heart.


    The truth overflows and the parkland rejoices.
    The deer all come closer to hear the good news:

    The mind with its torments and all of its grasping,
    Cut through by Awareness, for all time, is free!


    A Song of Perfection is sung from the mountain
    To valleys and hilltops, to trees, to the sky:

    All things are empty and yet they appear,
    Like so many rainbows, mirages, and dreams.

    Remembering this, be a child of illusion,
    With purest perception, beyond hope and fear.

    Rejoice all who hear this, the plants and the stones,
    The breezes that carry it in every direction.

    The great panorama, the view, chants its answer:
    Halleluia! Hosanna! Gloria! Amen!

    Thus have I heard… Halleluia! Hosanna!
    Thus it is my dear friend… Halleluia! Amen!

    Gaté, gaté, paragaté,
    Parasamgaté, bodhi, soha…


    Everything that is born also must die-
    Kings, beggars, buddhas, and me.

    A last sip of water, a few final teachings.
    Oh child of illusion, remember these words:

    You are the Buddha, remember, remember.
    And you are Salvation, remember these words.

    The deathless unending Nature of Mind,
    Unborn and unceasing, with Nature like the Sky.

    Sit like a mountain, reflect stars on the water,
    Like the wings of an eagle about to take flight.

    Rest in Natural Great Peace, my dear friend.
    The Nature of Mind is Pure Light, remember.

    Lux aeterna, requiem aeternam,
    Parasamgaté, bodhi, soha.

    (Tashi Rabjay.
    January 2007, India.)

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