Rinpoche’ schedule for the spring of 2010

Wed 3rd March – Thu 4th March Munich
Sat 5th March – Sun 7th March Bodhicharya Huttenried
Mon 8th March – Wed 10th March Zurich
Thu 11th March – Sun 14th March Berlin
Mon 15th March – Wed 17th March Poland
Thu 18th March – Sat 20th March Denmark
Sun 21st March – Tue 23rd March Hamburg
Wed 24th March – Thu 25th March Bookholzberg
Fri 26th March – Sun 28th March Belgium
Mon 29th March – Wed 31st March Paris
Fri 2nd April – Sun 4th April Karma Ling (France)
Mon 5th April – Wed 7th April Dordogne (France)
Thu 8th April – Sun 11th April Barcelona
Mon 12th April – Sun 18th April Dublin
Mon 19th April – Tue 20th April Glasgow
Wed 21st April – Thu 22nd April Edinburgh
Fri 23rd April – Sun 25th April Samye Ling (Scotland)
Mon 26th April – Wed 28th April London
Thu 29th April – Sat 1st May Oxford
Sun 2nd May – Mon 3rd May BBG Sussex
Tue 4th May – Thu 6th May Holland
Fri 7th May – Sun 9th May Bodhicharya France, Lusse

Visit www.bodhicharya.org for more details.


1 Response to “Rinpoche’ schedule for the spring of 2010”

  1. 1 diana smadbeck January 20, 2010 at 4:19 am

    Please notify me of upcoming retreats as they are available.

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