Tara mantras for Ringu Tulku and the Bodhicharya mandala

Dear friends,
I asked Ringu Tulku if there is any practice or prayers that would be helpful for him and the Bodhicharya mandala. He told me that he had also asked this recently of one of his Lamas and he had been advised to perform 100,000 Tara praises. He said it would therefore be good if all his students and sangha could recite as many Tara mantras as possible before the end of the Tibetan new year.

The tibetan year ends on 24th February 2009 and the Tara mantra is as below this email. I would be grateful if all of you could please join us in reciting the mantra as much as possible. Please keep a count of your recitations and let me have your number of mantras either every week, or as often as you please, until or by 24th February 2009, I’ll keep a record for everyone. I’ll then let Rinpoche know how many mantras we have accomplished together by Losar. It will be our New year gift to him and each other.

As you recite the mantra please think of a positive and compassionate energy coming from your heart and surrounding Rinpoche and all of us, whether as Bodhicharya centres or groups or individuals, think of this positive and loving energy field expanding and reaching out to all beings, and dedicate all merit for the benefit of all.

I hope this is clear, but if anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to hear from you.

Please pass this on to all of Ringu Tulku’s students and friends.

with love and thanks and best wishes,
Margaret Ford
for Bodhicharya International




1 Response to “Tara mantras for Ringu Tulku and the Bodhicharya mandala”

  1. 1 marlou van Hoorn August 13, 2009 at 5:55 pm

    Can we continue this year too, or is there another advice?

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