News from Rigul

Rinpoche received a call from Rigul monastery, here is what he wrote:

“The school is going very well. The construction work is going on but it is already being used for classes. The cost of materials as well as work has gone up and almost doubled in case of timber.
The school just closed for summer break. Since we started to give food, attendance has become very good and also regular. Cooked food is given twice a day. According to him students are doing so well that local people ask the school children to recite sutras and prayers for them. The school participated in 100,000 Tsog offering practices recently.

All the people are extremely happy with the school and clinic.
The clinic is now moved and functioning in the new place. They also started to make herbal medicines.

There are also other developments in the monastery. The renovation of the old temple is about to complete. The renovation of Mahakala Shrine is complete using the wood left from Shedra building. They also built a new and better kitchen for the monastery.
The new stone Temple is also about to complete and the inuaguration will take place in August. This is built by Khenpo Gedun Tulku. One of the Lamas also contributed 11 big statues for the monastery.

Everything seems to go well. Everybody is in positive and inspired mood. Everybody is in great harmony.
Everybody there asked me to thank all the people who have been helping the monastery for all those difficult years.
With blessings and good wishes from all the monks, students, patients and people of Rigul.
Many thanks and prayers from me too.”

See for informations on how you can help.


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