Bodhicharya Summer Camp

The registrations for the summer camp with Ringu Tulku are still open at the Djangtchoup Samten Gomdra website.

“For the second year, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche will guide the Bodhicharya summer camp in France, organised by Strasbourg buddhist center’s Sangha.

During this summer camp, Rinpoche will go on with the Mahamudra teaching and specific practices allowing each of us to practise and meditate during the year according to his indications.

In accordance with Rinpoche’s wishes, spouses, partners and children will be welcomed to stay at the retreat site. Activities will be organised to entertain the guests as well as the participants, not only discussion and meditation groups, but also yoga, Tai Chi, dances classes, as well as activities for children. These activities will be led by retreat participants, those who would like to share their skills are invited to contact us in order to establish the list of activities.

The number of places is limited and the retreat is open to all Rinpoche’s students.”

Dates: from Monday August 20 to Sunday August 26.

Espace Vacances
La porte d’Alsace
67420 SAALES

Accommodation: each room has 2 or 4 beds with bathroom and toilet in each room. Bedding and towels are supplied by the youth center. All meals vegetarian or not will be taken at the center.

Rate: including teachings, meals and room :
– 360 € per adult
– 300 € per child till 10
– free for babies until 3

Practical informations:
– The little town of Saales is located at 60 kms from the city of Strasbourg. Several trains reach daily the two cities, consult
– From Saales railway station, you reach the youth center by walking 10 minutes.
– From the 10th of June, TGV trains will reach Strasbourg from Paris in 2h20 minutes.
– Strasbourg is reachable by air from Amsterdam, Athens, Brussels, Copenhagen, London, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Moscow, Wien and also from many french cities.
– Arrival time at the youth center : not before 2 pm on Monday 20.
– Bring your meditation cushion and Tchenrezi practice text.


1 Response to “Bodhicharya Summer Camp”

  1. 1 eileen finlay July 26, 2007 at 12:40 pm

    Hello! I am a student of Rinpoche and want to know if there are any places left on the Summer Camp in the event that I can arrange to attend. I last saw Rinpoche at Samye ling where I attended a very inspiring retreat with him and around forty other students. I wish you all best wishes from Glasgow, Scotland. Eileen Finlay

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