Retreat center fundraising

Dear friends,
As many of you will know, the Bodhicharya retreat centre in Sikkim was inaugurated in November 2006 and the first three year retreatants started their closed retreat just after Christmas. You can see photographs of the retreat centre and retreatants at Most of the building work is finished, but much has still to be done to complete the vision that Ringu Tulku has for this beautiful place. It’s Rinpoche’s wish that the Bodhicharya retreat centre will become a haven of peace and dharma practice for his students and friends for many years to come.

Bruno Breathnach, from Dublin, visited the centre just before the retreat closed in December and has made a film that he will make available for us all to download and enjoy. However, Bruno was very saddened to learn that there are not enough funds to complete all the necessary work, namely; finishing the decoration of the shrine room; building of short retreat huts; landscaping of the gardens and much more. So, he made a commitment to try to raise enough money (an estimated $32,000 USD) to send to Sikkim so that all the work can be finished before the end of this year. But there is an urgent need to send some much needed funds now in order to keep  the services of skilled craftsmen who have been brought from Nepal, and to buy the materials they need. It’s estimated that $10,000 USD would ensure that the project is able to keep going until Bruno can raise the remaining funds.

Rinpoche has confirmed that financial support at this time would be very welcome.

Bruno would like to invite you to help him raise $10,000 USD as a New year’s (Losar) gift for Rinpoche, to help him realise his vision for the Bodhicharya Retreat centre, and I am hoping that some of Ringu Tulku’s UK students would like to be part of this project. Keeping in mind his New year poem to us all, this would be our celebration of life gift to him, in gratitude for his untiring kindness and patience and good humour, in celebration of his life. Ten thousand dollars is about 7600 euros or £5,100 UK pounds, which would be 100 people giving either 76 euros or £51 each. But anything you can give would be most appreciated.

We will try to centralise the donations for the Retreat centre in Ireland and the UK before sending to Sikkim.  If you are in the UK you can send a donation towards this gift for Rinpoche to me at Bodhicharya UK, 28 Carrick Drive, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland ML5 1JZ. Please make your cheques payable to Ringu Tulku Donations. I will let everyone know how much is raised in the UK by the end of March.

If you are in a Euro country please contact Bruno at bruno1965 to find out more and how you can contribute.

with love and best wishes,
Margaret Ford


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