Rinpoche´s new apartment in Berlin

When Rinpoche came to Berlin in August, he and uncle could move into their own new apartment! Until the last minute many people had worked hard in the living house with the nicely renovated stucco facade at the West end of the center grounds (Kinzigstraße 29 -K 29) to get everything ready. On August 8 at 11 pm in the dark Rinpoche and uncle finally arrived and were greeted by a very happy sangha crowd with candles, torches, flowers and colourful auspicious symbols on the path.

Although the bedroom under the roof is quite small, it was obvious that Rinpoche and uncle felt very comfortable and at home immediately. There is plenty of light from windows in two walls and in the roof. The livingroom will soon also be finished.

So far the rooms in the lower floors look uninhabitable, but within the coming weeks the other three small apartments (one maisonette) and one office will be done also. Then four members of the Sangha will move in, which will give the place even more stability. All of them are already helping a lot at the moment to keep everything running smoothly.

This means that we will have two buildings very nicely renovated. The first one, the beautiful shrineroom, has got an additional small entrance hall and toilets and also a small shop / tea room. In the old house, which is only roughly renovated so far, there are several office rooms, two shrinerooms / meeting rooms, a kitchen and eating room and rooms for storage. The next step will be the rebuilding of the old horse stable and garages between the main entrance and K 29. There will be several rooms for groups and offices. Once they can be used, renovation on the old house can start. But all this will take some years, depending on donations and voluntary help.

Thanks to Maria for the text.


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